My Wobbly Weblog

Oooer, what do I do now?

Posted on: November 7, 2008

My first ever blog posting and I feel a bit self-conscious and exposed to tell the truth!  I have heard people say that technology can make you feel less inhibited (hence the tendancy to “flame” others in email correspondence) but I’m not feeling it yet.  I’m just not used to writing for an unknown audience, I don’t think I’ve ever written anything before and not known exactly who is going to read it.  I’ve called it My Wobbly Weblog partly because I like the sound of it and partly because I do feel wobbly at the moment, a bit like my daughter Sara who has just learnt to walk and manages a few steps before she has to sit down hard on the floor again.

Anyway, time to stop agonising and get on with recording my experiences of the first week of 25 things.  Apart from the reservations above, I’ve found it surprisingly easy to set up my blog (and I’m sure I’ll warm up to actually posting things on it!)  Liked the vid. and quickly set up my two email accounts, so it was a nice easy week.  I’m going to have another play with some themes now – my husband thinks it’s hilarious that I spent half an hour trying out different ones before I’d even written anything.

Later…yes, I know I’ve picked a really girly theme.


4 Responses to "Oooer, what do I do now?"

Glad you had an easy start. Hope you find things less wobbly from now on!

hi there, I love the Category “Waffle”
wish I thought of that.

the theme research paid off – your blog looks tasteful as well as girly :o)

yes, I worked through several themes backwards and forwards – by far the most important part of blogging!

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