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Bloglines, Google Reader and so on

Posted on: November 20, 2008

I have a history of signing up to news services on various topics and vowing to read them regularly and keep up to date, then gradually getting out of the habit of checking them and eventually chucking them altogether.  So I wasn’t that keen on investigating RSS feeds, to be honest, because I had a sinking feeling that this would lead to more good intentions which would quickly come to nothing.  Maybe that will be the case, but it’s still been fun looking at Bloglines and Google Mail and setting up some feeds.  I had no idea there were so many out there!

I already had a Bloglines account, so have just added a few feeds to that.  I set up a Google Reader account too and found searching for feeds much easier here than on Bloglines.  I think that the search engine is just better than the Bloglines one – I ran some of the same searches in both readers and found that better results came up in Google.  I also had a look at and thought it was good if you were looking for suggestions (the front page has links to lots of feeds on different subjects) but again the search engine for feeds wasn’t very good.

Anyway, I now have a selection of general news, professional and interest feeds set up (e.g. parenting ones) and I will try to keep up to date with them, honest!


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