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Showing my face on Facebook

Posted on: January 22, 2009

I’d considered setting up a Facebook profile for a while but it was one of those things I’d never got round to, so it’s good to have a kick up the backside to make me actually do it!  I think it’s great generally but some of the searching is a bit dodgy, for instance when I searched for people who left my school the same year as me, there were lots of people in the list who I didn’t recognise and I found that they hadn’t actually been to my school at all!  I did find one friend who I haven’t heard from for ages though so it wasn’t an entirely fruitless search.  I’ve only joined one group so far (How many mums are there on Facebook – yes, it is a bit sad) but will try to spend a bit more time browsing and find some more.  Must put some more information on my profile too as it’s a bit boring at the moment.  I’ve invited a couple of people to be my friends, but as they haven’t responded yet at the moment it says on my profile that I have no friends (sob!)


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