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I like the idea behind and can see how it works for some people but the fact is I don’t have enough favourite sites to make full use of it!  I can see the advantage of having your favourites stored in a “mobile” format so that you can access them wherever you are working, but again I don’t think realistically that I would make enough use of this. 

I think I would use more as part of a search strategy if I were looking for a “hard to find” website for a particular project or enquiry.  I enjoyed searching for sites on and then checking out the other sites bookmarked by those people – I can see myself using this as a 2nd port of call after Google.



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  • Lynn Barrett: Hi Kate We have a meeting next week to bring the whole thing to a close so I'm catching up with the finishers! I'm glad you enjoyed it - I certainly
  • ukemee: I'm finding extra stuff out about podcasts all the time. UCB blog told me about Guardian stuff and now I can catch up with the Archers as well. Excell
  • librao: I wish them luck, however I think it unlikely to succeed in court for the simple reason that whilst a Civil Partnership confers all the legal rights t