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Geiranger, Norway

Originally uploaded by Will Burrard-Lucas

I’d never used Flickr before though I’ve looked at other people’s photos, so I was keen to get going with this one. I’ve chosen a photograph of one of the Fjords in Norway to put on my Blog. I had a brilliant holiday there in 2000 with my husband, staying in the wacky Kvikne’s Hotel on Sognefjord. It was a wonderful, relaxing week and we came back feeling healthier than before the holiday due to the number of mountains we had climbed, the amount of healthy Norwegian smoked salmon we had consumed and the fact that booze was so expensive we had had a practically dry week! One of the fun things about the hotel was that there was a trampoline in the garden – trampolining overlooking the fjord first thing in the morning was a slightly surreal but fabulous experience.

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