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I was surprised how different the results were depending on what type of search I did on Technorati.  Most of the blogs I found on Huddersfield were (predictably?) about either football or beer.  In many cases I couldn’t tell what the Huddersfield connection was at all, maybe there was just some passing reference to Huddersfield in a long-ago post.  Technorati Search definitely provided the best results.  I thought that the tag search should be pretty reliable, but I got some very odd results with it.

My favourite bit was the “Top 100 Blogs” in Blogger Central, where I came across some great Blogs including Boing Boing, which claims to be the most popular Blog in the world, and Lifehacker which I had heard of but never taken time to look at before.

Technorati is obviously one of the best places to go to find blogs and I would use it again, but in my experience you need to be prepared to wade through lots of dross to find high quality blogs.



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  • Lynn Barrett: Hi Kate We have a meeting next week to bring the whole thing to a close so I'm catching up with the finishers! I'm glad you enjoyed it - I certainly
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