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So long, farewell, Auf Widersehen etc.  I’ve really enjoyed doing 25 Things and am feeling a bit sad that it’s finished now!  Although I sometimes found it hard to set aside the time to do it, I always felt quite excited when I knew I was going to have some time to spend, wondering what I was going to learn about.  Most of the things we covered were quite new to me.  Some were just a bit of fun, from my point of view (Mashups and Image Generators) but some turned out to be tools which I have kept going back to and intend to keep using long term, in particular Flickr and LibraryThing, both of which I love to bits.  One thing I haven’t done yet is to think much about how I can use these tools in my work, beyond the obvious of using Flickr to find images to include in Powerpoints etc.  Maybe I will set myself the task of going back over all the things I have discovered and thinking a bit more about practical applications for them in this respect.  I can use all that staff development time that will now be sloshing around in my week (not!)  Anyway, a big thank you to the 25 Things team (if any of you read this!) for organising it, it’s been fab.


Due to lack of time and (well, let’s be honest) inclination, I’ve never really got into podcasts – the few I had listened to had seemed a bit unworthwhile.  But I am now a convert having had a good look at the BBC site and seen all the fabby things I could get by podcast.  I have to admit to being a bit of a closet Archers fan, but often miss it as it’s on at getting the kids into bed time, so I was really pleased to see that I can catch up on it by podcast, a bit like the BBC i-player for radio really.  Here is a link to the RSS feed if you are interested – watch out for that cow!

I love You Tube – there are some truly fab clips, such as this one of pregnant women breakdancing, made by Oxfam.  I was slightly appalled at first, but soon realised that though many of the women in the film are truly pregnant, the ones doing the really scary moves had cushions shoved up their T-shirts.  I think we can assume that no unborn children were harmed in the making of this film anyway.  The film is to make a serious point about the ridiculously high number of women worldwide who still die in pregnancy or childbirth because of lack of access to basic medical services.  I’ve pasted the link here – hope it works!

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I’m short of time this week, so this will be more of a twitter than a proper post.  I like the idea of Google Docs and can see that it would be a great way of collaborating on things (outside work of course!)  It seems to be v. easy to use, the only thing I had trouble with was finding someone’s google mail address by the recommended means (in the end I asked Bryony and she gave me hers).

I love Librarything and will hopefully add more to my page and spend more time playing around with it.  It’s a really good way of getting ideas for what to read next as well.  Next time I’m on I want to see how many other Sara Paretsky fans are out there and pick up on any of her books I’ve missed!  The most popular of the books I’ve added so far is The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy which has been added by 7,045 people.

Here is a link to my Librarything page, in case you are interested!


Hee hee, this is quite fun.  I like South Park characters and this lets me design my own – I hope you like him.  Hmm, I’ll have to think of a name for him now.  I liked the comic strip generator as well –  could use that to produce birthday cards with humourous quotes.  I didn’t like the Happy Face generator at all, it took me back to Manchester in the late ’80s and early ’90s (and not in a good way).

I have to say tht I think Twitter is a bit of a waste of time.  Most of the posts I read weren’t saying much and those which were didn’t have enough depth, I wanted more.  I think I’m just not a Twitter kinda girl.  In the spirit of Twitter though, I’m keeping this very short.

I’d considered setting up a Facebook profile for a while but it was one of those things I’d never got round to, so it’s good to have a kick up the backside to make me actually do it!  I think it’s great generally but some of the searching is a bit dodgy, for instance when I searched for people who left my school the same year as me, there were lots of people in the list who I didn’t recognise and I found that they hadn’t actually been to my school at all!  I did find one friend who I haven’t heard from for ages though so it wasn’t an entirely fruitless search.  I’ve only joined one group so far (How many mums are there on Facebook – yes, it is a bit sad) but will try to spend a bit more time browsing and find some more.  Must put some more information on my profile too as it’s a bit boring at the moment.  I’ve invited a couple of people to be my friends, but as they haven’t responded yet at the moment it says on my profile that I have no friends (sob!)


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  • Lynn Barrett: Hi Kate We have a meeting next week to bring the whole thing to a close so I'm catching up with the finishers! I'm glad you enjoyed it - I certainly
  • ukemee: I'm finding extra stuff out about podcasts all the time. UCB blog told me about Guardian stuff and now I can catch up with the Archers as well. Excell
  • librao: I wish them luck, however I think it unlikely to succeed in court for the simple reason that whilst a Civil Partnership confers all the legal rights t